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Finally! Countryside Satellite TV Service brings hundreds of new channels and a whole new life to rural satellite TV. You can ditch your old satellite TV receiver and get fresh new equipment with brand new technology and features. If you live several miles outside of a big city, chances are, you may be having trouble finding an affordable satellite TV and internet provider. Well, look no further. With jaw-dropping prices, excellent customer service, and a huge selection of movie and sports packages, you're sure to become a life-long customer. Just give us a call (855)408-6997 and we can put together a channel package that suits your family's needs, and quickly get an installation date set. Get the newest technology, and all of the benefits that come along with a new digital satellite TV system. Check out some of our features!

  • Smart DVR
  • Over 50 free Premium channels
  • Free HD
  • Free Installation
  • Mobile Satellite TV - Watch TV anywhere

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